Find how much bandwidth "Up to" actually means

"TIL what EC2's 'Up to' means. I used to think it simply indicates best effort bandwidth, but apparently there's a hard baseline bottleneck for most EC2 instance types (those with an 'up to'). It's significantly smaller than the rating, and it can be reached in just a few minutes."
-- Daniel Vassallo (@dvassallo)
Instance TypeBaseline (Maintained for 90% per hour of testing)Burst (Maintained for 3% per hour of testing)AdvertisedPrice OnDemand (USD in us-east-1)Last Updated
c4.large0.620 Gigabits / second0.645 Gigabits / secondModerate$0.1000000000 hourly2020-12-21
c4.xlarge1.240 Gigabits / second1.299 Gigabits / secondHigh$0.1990000000 hourly2020-12-21
c5.2xlarge2.487 Gigabits / second10.042 Gigabits / secondUp to 10 Gigabit$0.3400000000 hourly2020-12-20
c5.large0.744 Gigabits / second10.041 Gigabits / secondUp to 10 Gigabit$0.0850000000 hourly2020-12-20
c5.xlarge1.243 Gigabits / second10.042 Gigabits / secondUp to 10 Gigabit$0.1700000000 hourly2020-12-20
c5n.2xlarge9.998 Gigabits / second25.414 Gigabits / secondUp to 25 Gigabit$0.4320000000 hourly2020-12-21
c5n.large2.989 Gigabits / second25.367 Gigabits / secondUp to 25 Gigabit$0.1080000000 hourly2020-12-21
c5n.xlarge4.999 Gigabits / second25.414 Gigabits / secondUp to 25 Gigabit$0.2160000000 hourly2020-12-20
m1.small0.279 Gigabits / second0.289 Gigabits / secondLow$0.0440000000 hourly2020-12-21
m4.large0.447 Gigabits / second0.474 Gigabits / secondModerate$0.1000000000 hourly2020-12-21
m4.xlarge0.744 Gigabits / second0.803 Gigabits / secondHigh$0.2000000000 hourly2020-12-21
m5.2xlarge2.487 Gigabits / second10.043 Gigabits / secondUp to 10 Gigabit$0.3840000000 hourly2021-01-06
m5.large0.744 Gigabits / second10.042 Gigabits / secondUp to 10 Gigabit$0.0960000000 hourly2020-12-20
m5.xlarge1.243 Gigabits / second10.042 Gigabits / secondUp to 10 Gigabit$0.1920000000 hourly2020-12-20
m5n.8xlarge25.651 Gigabits / second33.884 Gigabits / second25 Gigabit$1.9040000000 hourly2020-12-21
t1.micro0.065 Gigabits / second0.080 Gigabits / secondVery Low$0.0200000000 hourly2020-12-21
t2.large0.508 Gigabits / second0.983 Gigabits / secondLow to Moderate$0.0928000000 hourly2020-12-21
t3.medium0.254 Gigabits / second4.974 Gigabits / secondUp to 5 Gigabit$0.0416000000 hourly2020-12-20
t3.micro0.063 Gigabits / second4.975 Gigabits / secondUp to 5 Gigabit$0.0104000000 hourly2020-12-20